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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 2, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> efren valdemoro i cannot believe how summit of done something like best. >> new pictures of the suspect, the girlfriend, and what investigators found the bodies of two different victims. >> this label was depleted uranium. >> at 5:00 p.m., 3. ericka mideast in the middle of it,
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efren valdemoro is suspected of four different murders. the first was discovered last night of 73 year-old ricardo sales the body of a son, frederick is still missing. and this woman was stranded to death. and yesterday morning, these two women's bodies were found in vallejo. and heather donald shows us how all of these people are connected. >> after efren valdemoro have been taking cindy on to offer two different years if she owned and rented this house. where the sales live and efren valdemoro was inspecting a relationship between frederick. and his body was found beaten in the house. now, read these two women, carole and reebok. those wer tuesday afternoon-we
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talked. and one police theory is that the police were killed off efren valdemoro because they have been telling cindy to leave him. efren valdemoro had also lived with retell allen and a husband, charles rittenhouse during the past 10 years and charles is now been arrested on suspicion of possession of the explosion possession. and he found that charles was a living on the body of his wife, rita and the other woman was found. >> with live coverage, christine connolly and dan kerman is in a live oak. the two women were discovered, dan?--vallejo crush our guest, this is very different than yesterday. and you can see that there were atf and investigations yesterday. today, it is less chaotic and
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how those two women's bodies got there? >> autopsies are under way of these two women, rita allean and carole smart they were found in this home of written novels. one of them is efren valdemoro who was shot and killed by chp earlier this week. he is also suspected of his girlfriend, cindy tran her roommate, sales. >> also, they're trying to find out how chucharles rittenhouse e is still currently in the jail of possession of explosive chemicals. >> when police discovered the bodies they also found chemicals and now home. these chemicals are used to make explosives.
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>> the atf located a container that was labeled depleted uranium. they are not sure, i spoke to them this morning and they're not sure and told this item is analyzed. they cannot confirm/deny. >> were this comes from is a mystery. a batch in this car suggests that the works for goodrich, a defense/aerospace contractor. >> we've reported that his work place looked at these items and cannot believe that they are from their business. >> and just like the question of where did those chemicals come from? who killed those women? both of those are outstanding at this point. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> and now, christine connolly is live and hercules. authorities are still looking for frederick sales. >> that is right, the last time
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frederick sales was foscene was in this halhome last week. evidence tape is years and nobody will come in here and no investigators were here today. the search continues rolls some video and walk you through what happens. >> well this search continues for frederick sales police are learning more about what is happening this hercules home. frederick and his father, ricardo rented from efren valdemoro the girlfriend, cindy. and they said they did not like the relationship between cindy and the renters. and on august 22nd, there was an altercation between frederic andk efren valdemoro injured. and frederick and recorder were the aggressors. 60s letter, ricardo salas was found and is badly
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beaten body. an active search is still under way and the nearby business park, coastline on wednesday provided no clues. >> we asked police to the is there any location that they're actively searching? they said no. they're speaking to family, friends, to find more lease with an award research. reporting live in hercules, christine connolly. they need more leads. >> this just in, it's this could be part of it. a police report, and pictures of a bruised efren valdemoro take a look at these pictures. august 2nd to, you can see that his face is blocked/blue. on aug. sit22 is a lot of the back-and-forth, that frederick sales attacked efren valdemoro and they started fighting and and he contacted ricardo sales. this, the officer's words. " recorder woke
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up and saw a letter on his door from efren valdemoro that stated that he was ibex dabber. and he was accused of interfering with the relationship of cindy. he went into the bedroom of frederick to speak about the relationship and then he attacked ricardo. punching and on the face several times and he said he had to defend itself against efren valdemoro so now, they're each blaming each other. i am coming through this report as soon as i get more information i will bring it to you. >> there are questions beginning to service a runny efren valdemoro recorded the volatile relationship with now deceased girlfriend. cindy tran and haaziq madyun will investigate. >> sources say the kron 4 that efren valdemoro she feared for her live , that she was afraid that he was going to kill her.
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she had an opportunity and met with investigators just hours before efren valdemoro he strangled her to death. hercules spokesperson. >> the police officers. least hurt, that day and she was on her way to work. -they released her. and we are looking for the suspect at that time. and i cannot speculate as far as what was said during those meetings. or how the was concerns for their safety her safety. >> she met with the police several times before the murder of ricardo salas of was found beaten to death. he rented a room fo mrs. from cindy. and efren valdemoro even though police suspected that ricardo stand efren valdemoro were having confrontations, >> they did not have indications
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that her life was in danger because of the confrontation between ricardo and efren valdemoro now, we're looking to work with other agencies to locate all the bodies. haaziq madyun >> our coverage continues online. conference in its entirety and every breaking detail. we have broke published each detail. >> triple digit temperatures inland, north bay is also hot but cooler along the coastline. details on your weekend forecast coming up in just a bit. plus get free same day delivery but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. superior service, best selection, lowest price guaranteed.
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affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. >> this just in to the kron 4 news room we just heard from bart there is a major delay at 24/mission. and the sfo millbrae and the east redirection. this is because of an equipment problem. we will
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keep an eye on it and keep you posted. >> the it reports 3 earthquake struck this morning near san paulo. you can see that the aftershocks also in the sand-pop loablo >> cooler weekend with temperatures dropping off a very quickly. this cooler weather will last into the early part of next week details on our forecast for just moments away.
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>> at least one woman is dead and redwood city shores. >> 3 are dead, the d n r of aowa steel company a business
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tycoon, and is 40 rolled to meet. 40 year-old female companion have been found. the national transportation safety board will be coming up today to investigate. they're flying in from seattle. witnesses say that the fl very close to the buildig and that went right into the water. >> at first i heard the engine very loud and and looked outside. as i looked, the wings are already vertical to the ground. it was already nosing over. it was very intent that it was going to crash. and i was not sure if it was going to hit the water/grass. and it was very apparent that it went in, nose first. people swim into this water and some tried to rescue these people despite this is
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reason contamination with sewage. it is going to be difficult for the recovery. the owner of steel are stilre still, reporting live, >> the first band of rain from hurricane carol. lashing the carolinas and these are from nassau, this covers the entire state of ccalifornia, warnings are up and down the east coast and in kill devil hills >> hammering, and boarding of just hours before hurricane earl is going to slash the eastern seaboard. >> that is just for a debriefing you never know what your neighbors are going to do. - debris. >> what ever is going to happen
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is going to happen there is nothing you can do but just bored everything up. >> thursday morning, thousands of tourists were told to evacuate before the arrival of hurricane earl. >> he is cutting his vacation short including his four year- old grandson. he has come to her can before and is concerned about what could come come overnight. that is when the national hurricane center is going to expect hurricane earl to pound the area. >> you know what these noises are, houses, trees, we are going to get away and keep him safe. >> absolutely. >> despite the evacuation orders, some longtime residents are not budging. this family has family pets that are too concerned. >> i want to have them some place for they can be safe. i mean i want to be here to make sure they're not good to get hit in the head, drowned, no food. for them with those that are decades of storms behind them.
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>> fema on standby and the president has resigned a in an emergency declaration for north carolina. this allows federal funding for relief efforts. and in north carolina, reporting. >> the at national weather service is expected to say that the 60 miles in 6 hours. 174 mph winds. while the odds of the hurricane earl not a strike newarks to become directly. web producer, kimberly sakamoto. - new york city. what about happen? >> currently, the city has plans in place that would happen and hunker down. the problem is that there would be very little time to prepare because hurricanes are difficult to predict and are fast moving. experts say that there's only hours to issue
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evacuation mornings before a storm hits. the main problem with over 8 million people the big apple this most densely populated city in the nation. based on studies, officials of found that are vulnerable, low- lying areas would have to leave before the evacuation came in part bottom line? scientists predict that if it hits newark city? there would not be enough time to get a pretty out. -test new york city. for more on the south what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ >> it is still hot out there today. inland, the north bay, the south bay, temperatures in the '90s. even triple digits, a few of those. one at 00 = fairfield! cooler on the coastline with 100 and fairfield-- >> and the sea breezes are coming back up in the cooler weather is on tap for tomorrow and the weekend. here is a weekend and at a glance. temperatures are going to be warmer inland, and on the bay.
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the slight drop into saturday, sunday when the sea breezes will strengthen and the extensive fog will return for the bay area. tomorrow morning, this is pretty much the extent of it to the north bay, east bay shores and the peninsula. by 6:00 a.m., it is not removed that much. it will press back by 8:00 a.m. annothrough san francisco, and o by the late morning. we're going to see sunshine but the cooler marine air is going to spill into the bay area and cool things down. to the peninsula, and the bayshore or more comfortable with 78 and 80 degrees in the north bay, 74 in san francisco and 88 in san jose. to take a look at your kron 4 7 day around the bay halcooler weather, for your weed and a brief warm-up on labor day. after that, the cool down will continue with below average
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temperatures and extensive fog coverage. >> a live look at that there's a traffic and look at the backup walnut creek! the headlights are northbound, it is slow in both directions and walnut creek. and in san francisco, the james this is typical. the 80 is trying to approach the lower deck of the bay bridge and not moving that much. the lower southbound 101 is moving just a bit better. a lot more news coming up, stay with kron 4.
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>> the alameda county, david gelber was photographed filling up the sports car at a city owned gasoline station. and he thought it was part of the pay deal. and then, city manager. and in an effort to cut costs,
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the city will vote tonight whether or not the want to outsource the police services. the council will consider an agreement with the san mateo counties sir sheriff's office that could save this county $2 million. the money saved would allow the city to reach about with the city services programs. if approved? it will go to the san mimateo county board of risers. >> of people looking for this bank robber, he is wanted in nine others. he has struck again at the west bank and san jose. these are surveillance of the photographs and through july, his described as mid-40's, and with white shirts, jeans in the earlier picture. and abercrombie and fitch is getting sued in milpitas and 18 year-old woman to not get a job because
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